Saturday, November 2, 2013

Doing What I Love

I've been curious all my life about why some people succeed while others fail. Why is it that some have all the luck while others seem to get the shaft time and time again? One thing that keeps repeating in my mind is, "Do what you love doing and the money will follow." Also, once you find and do whatever that is you will never work or retire the remainder of your life. So be it. I can't work outside of my home, I don't qualify for disability, so it's time to live on blind faith.

I'm going to start doing exactly what I love doing, helping all those that I can along the way, and have faith that God will provide me with everything I need for the rest of my life. You will be my witness.

I'm digging out all my previous projects from sewing, crafting and painting. All my fabric scraps are coming out as are my hand-scribbled patterns and directions. It's time to refine and complete them and start distribution. I have knitted phone sweaters underway, a few stuffed animal patterns going, and some quilt block ideas. I'm always happy when surrounded by fabric, yarn, craft supplies and idea magazines. Now that I have over 10,000 pins on Pinterest, I believe it's time to actually make, finish and share what I can.

Friday, November 1, 2013

I'm Back with my Blogging!

It's difficult to break away from Facebook, however I must return here where my world is much happier and fun. I hope my "old" cyber friends are following me still so we can get in touch again. I've been on a real emotional roller coaster (and I hate carnival rides, except the Ferris Wheel). So now I have my voice back, my strength and faith is being renewed, and I'm going to give this all that I have. I hope to meet some new friends, and reunite with my original blogging friends. For now, it's time to return to my NaNoWriMo goal: to write 50,000 words in the month of November. Thanks to each and all of you who happen to be reading this now, and I'll be back in a bit. Blessings, Susan

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Making Cool Ties

Part of my Test Marketing Team!

Soak them in cold water for 20 minutes. If you're soaking them in a small area or sink, soak for 10 minutes then squish the gel around and soak for another 5-10 min.

2 New cool ties with one on right soaked and ready to go!

This is a stack of 15 cool ties without being compressed down into a ziplock. Plus, one tie can be mailed with a First Class Stamp. (The ties we send to the military must be muslin or desert digital camo. It's one of the most expensive fabrics sold, and not any special prices for our actual military.)

My first group of testers on the road--Thanks to all!!

I will be providing more details in a tutorial with more specific instructions. Just as soon as I get this batch of cool ties done!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's Officially Summertime!

I can't believe it's summer again--finally! We have been waiting for one of our pools to open with the new additions of a giant waterslide and a splash park. I've always been a lake person and not much of a pool person. Until my little man learned to swim underwater and got his good fins and goggles. Now the only time I see him is when he comes up for air!

I'm working on a few projects for publication, the most fun being the paper mache' piggy bank, a new circle quilt pattern for "No Math Quilts," and a few special small gifts for dear friends.

This is a momento ornament made for a dear and generous friend who invited us to Steamboat Springs, CO for his 50th birthday celebration. Inside the clear ball is the invitation cut in strips, along with a few other paper items I picked up on the trip. You can't see it in this photo angle, but there is a monogram "M" underneath the "2012" charm.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm Back Again!

I was introduced into the world of Facebook and found my dearest, known-the-longest friend since 3rd grade. We were very close (and once directly related) until about 25 years ago. If Facebook does nothing else for me, I'm so grateful to find her.

I also found Pinterest! Oh goodness, so inspiring. Its a place to gather all your favorite things (under whatever title you choose). If you haven't yet, check it out!!

I realized that the newness of FB wore off, and I wanted to get back to my blogs. I've been working on sewing, quilting, and craft projects that I'll be sharing. I'm going to make a few of them into patterns to purchase and see how it goes. I don't intend to make much free-spending money, but it will keep me in supplies AND postage to send mail to the Soldiers overseas.

I hope this reaches most of you--I'll be revisiting all my online quilting groups again, and see what everyone has been doing. Thanks for taking the time to share my world, and God bless each of you.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Perfectly FUN Seam Ripper!

Look what my sweeeet brother-in-law made just for me!! This really makes ripping out so easier to face.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Reusable Gift Tags

I had to get out something colorful to play with on this gray day. I made these tags the typical way, then used the cutoffs to glue onto other paper, then cut them out. By the time I got to the blue and yellow one, I realized that if I only glue down 3 sides, there will be a slot to insert a piece of paper with the recipient's name on it. You could write something more personal on the back of the slip, or reuse the tag for other gifts.

That's how I'm spending this cold, snowy day by a warm fire.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Have You Seen Pinterest?

I've been gathering all my arts, crafts, sewing and quilting on
It's a fun site to share ideas--not sell items.

Friday, December 16, 2011

My tree is almost finished!

I just need to get some silver icicles to staple in bunches randomly over the tree!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Little Astro Won a Contest!

Astro won the Grand Prize offered by The Quilt Pattern Magazine for their "Quilts and Kitties" contest! We get about $250 worth of fabric, rotary cutting tools, books, and thread! Thanks to my cyber friends who voted for us. Astro doesn't seem to be as excited as I am, but I'm sure once new boxes and fabric enter the house, he'll be very interested!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

VOTE for My Kitty!

Please take a minute and go to and click on the "Vote for Kitties" contest. Vote for my Astro, #16, and we will have bragging rights PLUS some quilting gifts if we win!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

HST Tip!

I was making half-square triangles using the method of drawing a diagonal line and stitching on both sides, then cutting apart. I discovered that after stitching the 2 parallel lines and I press to hold the stitching, I could really shortcut the remaining pressing.
When pressing these squares before cutting apart, I put the dark fabric on top, folded back one side of the triangle and pressed along the seam. I then turned the other side over and pressed it with the tip and side of my iron just along that seam line.
It leaves a buckle at each seam line. Then, when I cut them apart, the seam automatically falls to the darkest fabric! I know that sometimes the seam must be pressed toward the lighter side, and it's very easy just to flip that seam allowance to whatever side you need to while assembling.
For me, it was worth the little added swipe of the iron down the center seams to avoid having to press each triangle open! Has someone already thought of this technique, or did I truly come up with an original tip? Let me know what you think.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finally Joined Facebook

After years of avoiding Facebook, I've finally joined and created a page. It is somewhat scarey not knowing who in my past will find me now! I even notified my high school reunion committee. Very scarey! I'm still learning how to use it, but from what I understand there was another format that many liked much better than the current setup.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Big Block Sailing from TQPM tests

Placemat UFO was a test

Autumn in Bloom was the very first pattern I tested. What a challenge--it was made with 1" squares and strips!
These are some of the tests I've been doing for The Quilt Pattern Magazine this past year. Now that the pattern has been tested and published, I can freely share some of these with you now!

This is a table runner that I chose to make in patriotic colors. It's called "Framed Hearts" and the original was made in fall colors.

 I don't usually use table runners; however, someday I hope to have a living room of red, white and blue!