Friday, October 7, 2011

Big Block Sailing from TQPM tests

Placemat UFO was a test

Autumn in Bloom was the very first pattern I tested. What a challenge--it was made with 1" squares and strips!
These are some of the tests I've been doing for The Quilt Pattern Magazine this past year. Now that the pattern has been tested and published, I can freely share some of these with you now!

This is a table runner that I chose to make in patriotic colors. It's called "Framed Hearts" and the original was made in fall colors.

 I don't usually use table runners; however, someday I hope to have a living room of red, white and blue!

Baby Blocks Pattern Test

All of my testing projects are still flimsies. I have this dream of getting a stack of these smaller quilts ready to quilt by DSM!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nothing New Under the Sun, or Copycats?

One of the online quilting groups I belong to is currently having a conversation about others copying quilt patterns and other designs. Here's my 2 cents:

Do you know that every adult uses about 250-400 words in their daily language? Some writers jumble words around to portray one way of thought. Others, using the same words in different order make those sentences mean something totally different.

Let's say there are about 300 basic quilt block designs that all quilters use (and there are a bunch of us!) I never made a quilt exactly as the pattern. I choose a color scheme from one of your quilts, make blocks in various (but basic) shapes. Usually I combine 2-3 blocks in one quilt and either don't put sashing or add it. Am I a copycat?

No, I'm inspired by other artists! That's how creativity is generated with one idea leading to 5 ideas and probably even changing your mind partially through the construction.  I use color schemes from magazines because those page creators went through hours of trial and error before coming up with the combination that is most pleasing and accepted to print.

I posted mini Halloween totes on my blogs last year. In the latest issue of American Patchwork & Quilting they are having a contest to make these same treat totes. The pattern is fun, easy and free at They have displayed a few of the bags entered into the contest so far and guess what? They are all made from Halloween fabric! I did send my photos to the APQ last year just to share. I wonder if they will now accept my efforts into an entry for the new Bernina Sewing Machine?

Happy sewing,