Tuesday, March 22, 2011

National Quilting Day Each Month

I totally missed the first day of Spring and National Quilting Day. There was talk on one of the online quilt groups that March might be considered as National Quilting Month as well. That still isn't going to work for me.

Therefore, I am claiming the 20th of every month "National Quilting Day" and on that day I'm going to practice FMQ on my DSM!! (For the newbies, that's Free-Motion Quilting on my Domestic Sewing Machine.)

Knowing that I must be accountable to the blogging universe, I need to force my focus one day each month on getting over the intimidation and akwardness and just do it. I've been making many tops for OQC and kids, so now it's time for me to put the batting with the backings and get them ready to turn into a real quilt!

On Tuesday, April 19th I will be getting everything set up so that when Iwake up on April 20th, Nat'l (monthly) Quilting Day, I can have my first cup of coffee while digging right in to actual quilting. Anyone want to join me?