Saturday, November 12, 2011

HST Tip!

I was making half-square triangles using the method of drawing a diagonal line and stitching on both sides, then cutting apart. I discovered that after stitching the 2 parallel lines and I press to hold the stitching, I could really shortcut the remaining pressing.
When pressing these squares before cutting apart, I put the dark fabric on top, folded back one side of the triangle and pressed along the seam. I then turned the other side over and pressed it with the tip and side of my iron just along that seam line.
It leaves a buckle at each seam line. Then, when I cut them apart, the seam automatically falls to the darkest fabric! I know that sometimes the seam must be pressed toward the lighter side, and it's very easy just to flip that seam allowance to whatever side you need to while assembling.
For me, it was worth the little added swipe of the iron down the center seams to avoid having to press each triangle open! Has someone already thought of this technique, or did I truly come up with an original tip? Let me know what you think.

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