Sunday, August 15, 2010

Crumby Color Storage Bags

I made lined crumb blocks and glued them to the front of some "commercial" canvas totes. Without gluing the top, I can use that pocket to quickly stuff in crumbs as I use them--in the appropriate color bag! The purple bag is done, the green crumb pocket is ready to be glued down on the right side. I've tested the glue--it holds beautifully. With small spaces vertical storage is idea. I hang these bags on a coat rack and sometimes just stack them in a corner on top of each other. Larger pieces and scraps go inside the bag. I may dump out all the pieces sometime and use the tote to carry--then replace it as the crumb/scrap bag!

Making Cookies From Crumbs

When I want some mindless and fun creating, I start piecing crumbs together by color. From a lack of what else to call these pieces, I use "cookies." I make 4 or 5 at a time then put them away. When I'm ready to make crumb blocks or bags, I've already got a fun start!