Friday, January 29, 2010

Fireworks-Borrowed Free Pattern

This was a free pattern that a cyber friend shared with me. I just love this design, and hope to make another larger one for a Quilt of Valor this year. Another Susan sent the pattern to Ellen P., and Ellen sent it to me! (The original top is in the StashBuster Photo Album dated Feb 11-20 2009 and was made by Susan-msbooties!)

My Version of Inspiration Fabric

I tried cutting strips of black stripe fabric and stitching bright colored squares and rectangles from bright fabric on them. The resulting blocks are shown on the botton. I'll let you know how it turns out!!

Inspiration Fabric

This is a fat quarter and the squares are teeny tiny. I thought it would make a fun "coloring book" type kid's quilt.

Ready for Stitch Olympics!

I'm saving handwork to participate in the Stitch Olympics! These potholders are like the 2 I made for my brother-in-law out of scraps of his Christmas MU quilt. He opened the potholders first. When he opened the extra large quilt, I told him I made it from leftovers of the potholders!! The one on the left has a "M" stitched in the lower left corner.

Bags of All Sizes

These are a few of the bags I'm making in different sizes. The gray one is the size of the original pattern from AllPeopleQuilt called "Grab Bag." The smallest golfer one is for my sister-in-law who never carries a purse, but I'm hoping she will use this while out on the course!

My Unmatched Version

This design was recently asked about in one of my online quilting groups. This is my version--nothing within the block necessarily lines up, but the pieced blocks and tan squares DO match!! My version of quick sewing. The overall look without the precise workmanship. Fast and fun!

Sunny Lanes Baby Quilt

Patricia Miller so graciously shared some of her quilting books with me and among them was Pat Smeth's Nickel Quilts. This is just a part of the Sunny Lanes quilt in the book and I will be turning it into a baby quilt.

Pink Lipped Frogs

The green fabric is frogs that appear to be wearing pink lipstick! This is a baby quilt flimsy.

Red Centered HeartStrings Blocks

These are the few red-centered strings I started with.

Blue String Blocks Untrimmed

These are the latest string blocks I'm making for the HeartStrings Quilt Project. My goal was to make as many as possible with red centers and mail by Valentine's Day. I ran out of red strings, so decided blue centers would have to do!

Fall Smash (Spring Splash Pattern)

This pattern is the Spring Splash pattern, although made with browns. Fall Smash seemed more appropriate!