Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Time for Another Holiday Cyber Retreat!

You are invited to join me for the 2011 New Year's Eve Cyber Sewing Retreat! Just go to: http://www.susanround.com and click on the number to the top right of the post (number of posts). It's going to be great to hear from old friends and new ones after taking a couple of months away from cyberspace! Hope to hear from you, Susan

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Michelle L. Momof11 said...

I think I will join you in New Years Eve sewing...so many projects and I need some motivation to just do them! I have a few late Christmas gifts to make and saw a cute idea for raggy letters that will be perfect for DGD's 3rd birthday January 7. To say nothing of the UFO's waiting in the closet, the blocks on the design wall for 2 quilts, 2 "kits" I brought home from Community Projects for my guild. I think I will start early as I have no where to go and nothing I have to do today or most of the week!