Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Mini Totes

These are made from the mini tote pattern available for free at Only instead of making each individually, I mass produced them making 3 at a time! Very fast and fun!
To get the pattern for these, go to and in the search box type, "Small Treat Totes." If you are going to make many, instead of cutting each one out individually, I stitched the 3 strips of fabric the width of the fabric then sliced them apart. I even inserted the handles on the one long seam, so all that was left was to stitch down the side and turn it! So fast and fun.


rcp said...

What pattern did you use to make these? I'd like to make some for Christmas.

Susan said... is where I got the pattern and you can search for "Small Treat Totes" for their pattern.
In fact, tongue-in-cheek, if you go to the homepage and scroll down, you will find them under Holiday Crafts, or something like that. (I'll go back and look on the site and correct that if I need to!)
If you decide to make several, instead of cutting out the pieces for each individual bag, I stitched the 3 strips together for the width of fabric, even inserted the handles, and stitched on the lining in one, long row. Then, sliced them apart and stitched up the sides! Really fast and fun.

Susan said...

I tried to edit my previous comment but obviously couldn't figure it out.

If you go to and in the search box type in "Small Treat Totes," you will find this pattern.

However, I remove my smug tongue-in-cheek as they have already removed it from the homepage .