Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Blocks for HeartStrings Quilt Project

These 24 string blocks are on their way to Sue in MN to be used with other donated blocks for a charity quilt. I had fun laying them out in different ways, and I hope Sue does, too! These are the remainder of my July 2009 goal to send HS 31 blocks.

Operation Quiet Comfort

This is the label that we use in the mini quilts for wounded soldiers. These quilts are only 3 foot by 5 foot. They have requested the color red not be used unless it's in a red, white, and blue theme.
I've only totally finished one, but have 3 more in the final stages.
This group is currently collecting quilts for Fort Hood. Also, the Heartstrings Quilt Project has rounded up enough quilts for the wounded, and gathering more for the families of the fallen in Fort Hood, Texas.

Downy Quilts for Kids

This is a kit for children hospitalized for cancer that can be requested from the Downy Fabric Softener Company. They send the fabric and label, and you put them together and send them back. This was truly quick and fun. I can't say that the quilting was, but I got 'er done. (Not shown in this photo.)