Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Woo Hoo! A new machine on the way!

After 30 years on a White Rotary sewing machine, I'm getting a NEW Brother XR7700 computerized and lightweight! It should be delivered in a few days and it's just like Christmas waiting for it. I was really getting concerned when the older one kept messing up and I figured for the cost of repairing I could almost buy a new one. I do still have my 50's Singer, but I really need something to withstand daily fast and furious sewing. The Singer is perfect for piecing small bits together, detailed stitching and it makes THE BEST buttonholes ever. With the new machine I'll be able to do quilting easier, decorative stitching, and all that "new age" stuff.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Right Off the Sewing Room Floor

This is a Christmas present for someone who might be looking here. I used the same pattern that was used on the 7 Shirts=1 Quilt made out of plaids. I will find the link to add here shortly. This was made for the Missouri Tigers fan (black and gold). I'm thinking of quilting paws, "M" , and beer bottles in the larger black snowball blocks!

More Aprons to Send!

This is the 3rd batch of aprons that I've sent overseas.