Thursday, April 9, 2009

Funny Money Border

I decided not to use a white Chinese Coin border around the Quilt of Valor below. Instead, I call this "Funny Money Border" because it's just rectangular pieces of every width stitched together. It was after reading another quilter, Meredith in Corona, CA, writing about using more color in the Soldier's quilts that I chose this border instead of the boring white.

Thanks to Pat in New York, I just pulled pieces of fabric out of a box she sent me and if it had a straight edge, I stitched it to another and just kept going. The larger scraps I sort into colors as I go. That way I'm being productive while going through the WONDERFUL boxes of fabric Pat has sent to me for these charity quilts. Life is good!

Today I heard from London, Holland, England, and Alaska! How great is this?