Friday, March 6, 2009

Barbie turns 50!

Barbie is 50 years old on Monday! She doesn't look a day over 20, except she lost the pinky finger on her left hand. I don't remember how. She's wearing the original top, but I lost the skirt that goes with it.

My 1st Quilt of Valor

I've assembled all of the red HeartStrings blocks into this top. It's soon on it's way to California where it will be quilted, finished, and given to a wounded soldier.
Thanks to Dawn Ramirez for contributing her scraps so I could make this. It's my 2nd HeartStrings top.

Solids and Sheers

This is what I'm doing with my solids and sheer fabrics. I saw this idea in a magazine years ago. If the fabric is sheer, I just double it up and use 2 as 1. I can also use up some leftover batting. After sewing the strip on top of the previous one, I cut a long strip of batting, roll it up, and stitch it down.