Sunday, February 22, 2009

Talk about Vintage!

I received these ladies from an estate sale. I'm thrilled to tell you that they have found a perfect home. They are joining some of their distant relatives who are gathering together to complete a quilt for a very special woman.


Suz said...

These ladies have found their sisters and are on their way home to Georgia. They're going to look sweeter than puppies in a Georgia peach orchard!

A compliment I received once from a very old stranger whose path I crossed at a pancake house one night. I knew I could use it again someday!

I'm so delighted to give them life again. When they're all together on top of a quilt, I'll share the photo with you all.

denise/deBRAT said...

Oh these pieces and pattern are too wonderful for words! you lucky lucky gal~ denise/deBRAT in tampabay florida (on stashbusters with you)

Rannyjean said...

Aren't they just adorable? I have the pattern for these and want to make a quilt for a grandchild! They remind me of Gone With The Wind. I came via Marguerita's blog!