Saturday, October 18, 2008

Quilting and Sewing Friends

This section is to share ideas, photos of your quilts, and anything else related to the fine craftsmanship of needlework.


Susan said...
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Susan said...

I've been clearing out the excess from my storage room and sewing room. Many of these boxes and bags have not been opened for many years.

I found the strips of a denim and calico coverlet that I designed and started on in or around 1975.

Once I had the long strips all sewn together and layed out a few rows, it seemed to be really, really large. I planned for it to cover a waterbed from floor to floor.

When I got out the tape measure it measured 13' long. Yep, thirteen feet square quilt is what I had going. I knew it could never be actually quilted, I had planned on just lining the back.

Georgia Bonesteel was the only one on TV to teach us at that time. I bought her book then wrote to her explaining my dilemna. I was always horrible at math, but this was a huge mathematical error!!

She was truly supportive of my efforts and did a good job of making me feel I wasn't a total idiot.

Yes, I found the box. The denim and calico strips. The squares are around 2". The mixed blessing is that each row is numbered with a smalll piece of paper pinned on.

I'm thinking if nothing else, I will take the strips outside on a day with no wind and lay them out and take a picture. Of course, there's a precise pattern layout.

Talk about the oldest UFO!!


Susan said...
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